autumn - the best smelling of all the seasons

Autumn - The best smelling season :)

There is just something about the smell of Autumn.  The warm spices, crisp air, falling leaves - whatever your olfactory sense memory system conjures - it is magical.  There is some science behind this. 

We do smell things differently when the weather starts to get cooler.  Olfactory scientist Pamela Dalton of Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia explains that odor molecules move more slowly in cold weather as opposed to the summer heat, and this could explain the reason behind the distinct smell of October. The part of our brain that deals with smells is the olfactory area and it is these olfactory receptors, Dalton explains, that bury themselves a little deeper in our noses. Could it be that the reason Autumn has a smell is because we are actually not smelling the things we normally do at other times during the year? 

I say logic-shmogic!  The smell of falling leaves - is. EVERYTHING. Every year I look forward to creating my Autumn home fragrance plan.  Yes, I have a plan :) I guess it is really more a theme.  

I first pick a fragrance and build a whole house theme around that note. My top Autumn picks are always cinnamon, apples or autumn leaves.  I then use my top pick in all my blends so that all my house "zones" have one of those fragrances in common.  This year, I have selected Autumn Leaves.  In the main living area my blend will include softer & sweeter notes like Sandalwood & Bourbon.  I normally use wax tarts or a steam diffuser for these areas.  Bathrooms will get a little spicier.  In these rooms, I use reed diffusers so stronger scents are needed to lift the room.  I blended Autumn Air with Mulled Cider and a touch of Cinnamon.   I also leave a Mist in the bathrooms for the times when those rooms need a little more scent then the reed diffuser.  I keep the Mist simple with a Verbena and Rosemary Blend.  Bedrooms will always get a little soft floral mixed in.  

Tips for scenting your home:

1) Pick a theme and stick to it.  You can choose a common fragrance or feeling for this.  This creates a unified feeling to your environment while still allowing for different spaces to have different moods.

2) Use your HVAC! A few spritz on your vents or on your air filter will almost instantly fill your space with scent.  This is a great trick when guests are on their way.  

3) Use different methods for different spaces.  Candles are great to set a mood.  Reed Diffusers never let you down in small spaces with the benefit of not having to worry about a flame.  Steam Diffusers are a super easy and effective way to fill a large room with your scent.  

4) Use your linens to your advantage.  Hide a cotton ball with your scent in your linen closet.  Linens love to hold scent!  This tip works in areas where stinky shoes are kept too.  

5) Open the windows and let the air in.  Nothing beats feel of a cool breeze through the house.  

Happy Fall!




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