Awapuhi - Hawaiian Ginger

Awapuhi - Hawaiian Ginger

Awapuhi or Hawaiin Ginger is one of Maui's most beautiful flowers & one of our best selling fragrances.  It is a tropical jewel with showy lipsticks reds and deep coral pinks.  

awapuhi fragrance - shampoo ginger

This amazing plant was originally grown in Southeast Asia.  It first arrived in Europe around 800 AD during the Roman-helmed spice trade.  There it found itself to be one of the most popular spices, second only to pepper. It then founds its way aboard the vessels of the early 19th century settlers.  The lilies, which bloom in bold and intoxicating colors, have been and continue to be emblematic of Hawaiin royalty. 

Awapuhi has many uses.  It can be used in food, made into a tea, and used for medicinal purposes.  The most common use is as a shampoo and conditioner. The clear sort of slimy and sudsy juice from the flower heads is excellent for shine and softness. 

If you are familiar with Paul Mitchell Shampoo's you will recognize this scent.  It is soft, round, and subtly sweet floral.  It is perfectly balanced and blends well with just about anything.  Our resident mixologists use this fragrance as a "go to" when guests are stuck for something to make it just right.  This often does the trick! 

I did a quick search to see what big brand perfumes were using this popular scent choice.  I was expecting a long list and surprisingly came up very short.  I found this very interesting as many of our personal scent creators select this to go into their blends.  Maybe we are on to something here? 

This best-selling fragrance mixes well with just about anything for any type of application.  Really! If you haven't tried it yet - give it a sniff the next time you pop in.  If you have a great blend you created - share it below!

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