Fake Christmas Tree Blues?

Fake Christmas Tree Blues?

Many years ago we switched to a fake Christmas tree.  I know, I love a real tree too.  After all, the tree is the thing that many of our holidays are centered around. 

That last year we went out to get the real tree was a real doosey.  That cold but heated "debate" about which tree is best.  Eventually, the decision is made by the person who can still tolerate the winter temperatures because the rest of you have retreated to the car.   Once you get past that step and agree on a tree getting up on the roof of the car is a treat. Never enough ties.  Eventually, you get to drag it into the house.  Ahhh the warm house!  So happy to be inside and get to the decorating.  You chop off the bottom, cut the straggly branches and hoist it into the stand.  That's usually when we realized that the tree was much too tall.  Lastly, there is that magical moment when you sit back to admire your great work. Your beautiful tree is up and the house smells & feels like Christmas.  

Now, we dig the box out of the corner of the basement. Haul it up a flight of stairs. In 15 minutes we have a perfectly sized, and lit tree.  The house looks likes Christmas.  We have all stayed nice and warm but something is missing.  That wonderful fresh cut tree smell that fills the house.  No worries.  Here are ways to get your house smelling & feeling like Christmas.

6 ways to give you house smelling like a "real" Christmas Tree

1) Let your HVAC do the work for you.  Spray your air filters with your favorite tree scent blend. We love Pine Needles & Orange Zest.

This is my very favorite tip.  Why?  It is quick & easy.  Simply give your air filters 2 - 3 good sprays of your mist blend.  In minutes, your whole house will be filled with the scent. Don't expect this one to last for days.  It is perfect for parties, that first night with the fake tree up or that day you are home wrapping gifts. 

2) Candles of course! Light them up and enjoy the warm scent.  Try our Snow Day fragrance mixed with a little Campfire and Balsam Fir.

3) Mists are perfect for quick hits of scent.  Go ahead and give those curtains a spray - they won't mind!  The fabric does a great job of keeping the scent.  

4) Mix up some Fragrance Oil in your perfect tree blend.  Then soak a cotton ball in that smelly goodness, and hide it in your tree. Guests will be amazed that your tree smells terrific. 

5) Don't forget to create a Christmas Tree scent for your Hand Soap.  You will love the quick hit of fresh smelling trees and your guests will be impressed with your creation.  

6) Smaller places love a Reed Diffuser! These long-lasting room fresheners are perfect for the stronger fragrances.  Give Cinnamon, Balsam Fir, & Honey Crisp a try.  It is a sweet, green, and spicy blend. 

Hope you found these tips & tricks helpful!


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